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Masters of Dispense

By: Sara Mason
Posted: October 10, 2008, from the January 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

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As the market advances, systems such as Rexam’s Airfree packaging, developed with Plastohm, will take precedence. The package’s 360-degree application allows the consumer to apply product at any angle. “Making personal care lotions and creams as easy to apply as fragrance sprays is a major advance,” said Desmaris.

Portability Flourishes

The smaller, the better! The market for portable products has grown to encompass a variety of communications, entertainment and nutritional products—from portable audio players to on-the-go foods. The personal care market is not to be left behind. Several packaging manufacturers have accommodated today’s mobile consumer. “Everybody is talking about portability; consumers want to take product with them wherever they go,” said Des McEttrick, global marketing director, Emsar. In this case, Emsar brought portability to a unique sprayer that the company already offered with Eco-Mist, which sells well in emerging markets, according to the manufacturer.

Borrowed Technology

The trigger pump has long been popular in the household market, but the only option for personal care marketers who wanted to give consumers the convenience of the trigger was the household pump. SeaquistPerfect Dispensing began production in October on a fine mist trigger with a twist-lock collar that always stays with the package, meeting consumer demand for an easily portable product. “The past few summers have shown a very strong market response to sprays in sun care also,” explained Carleen Kreider, vice president of innovation, SeaquistPerfect Dispensing. “In fact, sun care marketers have been using household triggers just to get the function.” Instead, the Seaquist innovation allows a fine spray with the convenience of a trigger. “The trigger is accumulative, meaning it generates pressure inside before it dispenses,” explained Kreider, who also stated that the advantage of a true fine-mist trigger over a household trigger is that particle size is very fine and it is dose-appropriate for personal care applications.

Demanding New Ingredients

“For marketers to differentiate themselves and remain competitive, they must innovate and push the envelope in terms of product development—this means new ingredients,” said Francois Danielo, technical marketing manager, cosmetic and fragrance, Saint-Gobain Calmar. In the cosmeceutical market, for example, a lot of actives must be protected from losing efficacy. For these formulas to work effectively, they need a secure and compatibly safe package. “Packaging that protects against dust, contamination and oxidation brings enhanced quality of product to consumers,” added Pfeiffer’s Hauger.

To address this trend, Pfeiffer developed an innovative pump process to eliminate the presence of particles from makeup formulas. The resulting Make-up Pump has been combined with Metropolitan, the company’s original lotion design. “The biggest concern in the conception of the new pump system was to resolve the problem of makeup components, such as powder particles and non-dissolved wax particles, creating sediment on the surface,” explained Hauger. Due to optimized product flow resistance with regard to the ball and spring, the gel-pump system resolves this issue for makeup products and similar viscous products. A smooth actuation force and an average of five priming strokes, independent of the product, are just a few of the pump’s characteristics.

Purity—Beyond Aesthetics