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Spray Technology: Propelling Toward the Future

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: October 13, 2008, from the March 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Because there is no side seam, the cans from DS Containers—which is still in the early stages of marketing the cans to personal care and cosmetic brand owners—offer multiple overcap options. Further, the elimination of a side seam and the polymer coating accommodate challenging formulations. The elimination of the side seam also allows for complete circumference printing.

Plastics works well for spray pumps, but most do not stand up to the pressure required in aerosols. BP’s polyethylene naphthalate has been utilized for transparent plastic aerosol containers that withstand high pressure, protect against moisture and oxygen and prevent bottle coloration—unlocking options for brand owners in both presentation and delivery.

At the Pump: Stylish and Propellant-free

Pumps meet a number of needs—allowing propellants to be eliminated, facilitating ergonomics and serving as an extension of brand identity. Pumps, however, haven’t matched the packaging integrity of aerosols—ensuring product efficacy and extending product life—until recently. Airlessystems has developed packaging that protects and increases the efficacy of products. The packaging for the company’s Titan piston pack is a two-piece product that snaps together and prevents air from entering to protect formulas from oxidation. The company also offers pouch systems designed to optimize formula protection.

Progressive pump designs also are able to provide the fine mist spray so desirable in an aerosol. Airspray’s Dry Spray Dispenser, for example, provides a continuous, fine mist spray without using gas propellants. The cap and the integrated piston act as a pump to build air pressure. The dispenser itself is not pressurized, and is refillable.

Ease of use in delivering application-appropriate dosages, and trigger sprayers have enjoyed success in household products and personal care items—as demonstrated by Gillette’s Right Guard Cool Spray with its thumb-activated side trigger and valve tip and crown created by Summit Dispensing Systems. SeaquistPerfect Dispensing created Jazz™, a “mist trigger” that delivers directional doses of 190 micro liters and fits standard bottles.