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New Spray Options for Thicker Formulas

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: February 3, 2009, from the February 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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“From our research with consumers, we know one of the main reasons consumers either do not try or leave the depilatory category is because they think creams are too messy,” says Tracey Caldwell, global professional relations manager, Veet. “By moving to a spray format, this addresses one of the concerns many women have in using depilatory creams. It allows for a no-touch application to deliver smooth legs. There is no sales data yet [the product launched in January 2009, after this article was written]. However, based on our consumer testing and response from retailer partners, we anticipate this will be a very successful launch.”

Interestingly, the creation was the result of a number of facets coming together to fulfill a marketing objective.

“The development process involved the close collaboration between the R&D formulators and packaging technologists to overcome the difficulties inherent with this type of development,” says Mwanza Lumumba, brand manager new products, Veet. “During the development, there were numerous modifications to both the formulation and the pack design before the optimum combination was achieved. The result was a specially developed spraying system that satisfied the required criteria and allows the product to be sprayed on in a thin, even layer quickly and easily. The spray application is fast, precise and the can will even spray the cream upside down.”

Replacing Other Options?

D2O was formulated to be extra moisturizing and is, in fact, positioned as a moisturizing alternative for oily skin. Overall, it is positioned as hydrating and plumping (“giving the face a more youthful appearance”), and consumers are buying in—though sprays don’t appear to currently be standing alone in these consumer’s regimens. “I know that consumers are actively searching for these products, but I don’t think it’s to supplant more traditional skin care,” says Iredale. “I believe they see facial sprays as a product that bridges the gap between skin care and makeup. They are easy to put in a bag, easy to apply, effectively hydrate and also give a boost to the psyche.”

“For the most part, we develop new products based on both consumer trends and specific customer needs,” says Des McEttrick, global marketing director, Emsar. The company—which developed a 360-degree pump used by Origins for its Silkening Body Spritz, a sprayable body lotion—notes ease of use and portability are factors in consumers choosing a spray delivered product, aspects that translate to nearly any personal care category.