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Capsule and Single-dosage Options Boon to Brands

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: April 7, 2009, from the April 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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When talking to some of our new customers, they tell me their products are already in a multi-use bottle and would like to be able to offer their customers a choice of single-use or multi-use packaging. They tell us their targeted markets accept the single-dose packaging very well.

GCI: What is your method for uncovering and developing new opportunities in global markets? How are markets evaluated, and are there equal opportunities across markets?

Vieceli: Having a basic knowledge of what products and categories are growing is the first step. Utilizing global databases such as Euromonitor International and Mintel are a good start. But this is only one part of the puzzle that relates to pure numbers. Having 10 plants worldwide with business development colleagues in each region allows us the advantage of spotting new trends/ideas. Through regular contact with each business development colleague and global coordination, the trends and ideas are shared and vetted by each team to see if they are pertinent to their market.

The voice of the customer is a critical part of what we do. Many customers share their new product ideas with us so we may assist them with formulations/dosage form decisions and marketing messages, especially the smaller marketing companies who lack the monetary resources to be able to see what is happening in a global context.

GCI: How have wider economic trends, cultural preferences and impositions of a global market impacted consumers’ desire for capsule dosage or single-use packaging?

Vieceli: We closely research what drives consumer purchases and then create capsule dosage products to meet those needs. We start by looking at the food and beverages that consumers buy day to day, because these purchase decisions influence decisions for other product purchases—such as clothing, makeup, supplement categories.

Consumers are looking for natural solutions, clean labels and freshness in food and other products. They want nonanimal products—i.e., vegetarian. They are big on antioxidants and phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables—such as lutein, lycopene and carotene—that can benefit the body. Demand has remained stable, with recent increases, for vitamins and minerals. We believe that people want to feel in control of at least their health when everything else seems to be going to pieces.

Although the cosmetic companies that we deal with understand that a lot of their products are only skin deep, they are gradually becoming more interested in oral nutracosmetics because the oral products have a different mechanism of action than topical products. They know that the skin, as the body’s largest organ reflects the health and resilience of the body as a whole, and that supplements can help create overall balance along with nutrition. They are particularly interested in clean label products. They are looking for natural colors, natural preservatives.