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Market Outlook for Aluminium Aerosol Cans

Posted: April 23, 2009

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Together with suppliers and customers, technological improvements along the entire supply chain can be achieved for better sustainability of the product. For example, thanks to new valve systems it is possible to pack the same amount of active ingredients in a smaller can because less propellants and solvents can be used. Also water-based formulations, which have a better environmental performance than alcohol-based systems, are increasingly used in the market. Aluminium cans, because of their excellent performance against corrosion, are well suited to water-based systems.

In addition powder coatings are developed together with coating suppliers, allowing a reduction in solvents and savings of up to 50% of the energy needed for curing. Bag-on-valve systems, which use compressed gas as propellant, is another good example of the technological potential of aluminum aerosol cans. These systems are tailor-made for formulations where the active ingredient has to be separated from the propellant.

In terms of decoration, several improvements can be offered, from full body shaping to high definition printing and the thermo transfer technology. All these developments give aluminum aerosol can producers good reason for optimism looking beyond 2009.