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Growing Digital Options in Package Proofing

By: Bob Scherer
Posted: July 6, 2009, from the July 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Though the remote proofing option also requires color management software and added technology, such systems offer savings through the elimination of time-consuming back-and-forth adjustments of color matching. Relative adjustments to the files to match colors can be made before actually sending the files to the press. In addition, simulating the press with the proofer reduces the amount of time that the presses are dedicating to printing proofs, and, because the cost of the proofer is a fraction of the cost of a press, this concept allows an increase the “color accurate” proofing capacity.

Bob Scherer is the vice president partner of CL&D Digital and a 25-year veteran in the printing and packaging industry as well as a conference speaker and writer. His message is designed to increase awareness of what digital printing technology can do and how it can help manufacturers get their products to market faster and cheaper.