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Within the Lines

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: March 9, 2007

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Consistent color and proper dispersion of color are important considerations for color cosmetic manufacturers. Although, according to Pearlman, consistent color and proper dispersion is related primarily to formulation in some product categories, with little impact from packaging, packagers must be aware of the products that are affected by packaging and what the effects are.

“In the lip gloss and mascara category, the development of the brush and flock tip in conjunction with the washer (inserted in the mascara / lip gloss bottle) is critical to consistency and dispersion,” said Pearlman. “We spend considerable time and have a color expert who advises us on the relationship of these components and the performance characteristics.”

And it’s no surprise that matching the color of the packaging to the product is a critical factor in color cosmetics.

“Lot-to-lot consistency in the colorant package is very important,” said Prusak. “An opaque color can hide a lot of issues with the product inside a bottle. Tints can show a lot of issues also. PolyOne matches all of the colorants in actual parts. Doing the work upfront to test for distribution issues reduces the time to market.”

From the May 2006 Issue