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Emotional Connections with Brand Packaging

By: Donna Sturgess
Posted: February 6, 2013, from the March 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Buyology also asked people in the study whether they have bought a product where they couldn’t throw away the packaging. The most popular responses for women were packaging from Tiffany and jewelry, Apple products, perfume, phones, chocolate and candles. Men most often kept packaging from Apple and computer purchases, watch boxes, CDs, some candy, Wheaties boxes and electronics. Clearly, certain packages seem to have value to the consumer beyond the product.

Packaging Beyond Purpose

Buyology’s non-conscious evaluation of product packaging offers powerful new insights into what drives a connection with consumers. These MindMeasure results illustrate that a new brand package like Adoré can stimulate the same level of emotion or better as the iconic brand packages of Tiffany or Apple MacBook.

So what is it that your brand’s packaging says about the products inside? What signals is it sending to consumers? Romance like the Tiffany box? Utilitarianess like Apple? Exotic like Adoré? How is it displaying the values of your beauty brand? And how can these signals be used to make a deeper consumer connection?

Can your packaging offer better form? Better function? Something else? What can your packaging act as besides a way to get products home safely? Because, in the end, packaging is a critical touch point for brands, and it should drive a strong connection with your current and potential customers to stimulate purchase.

Donna Sturgess is the president of Buyology Inc., an insights-driven marketing firm. Formerly, she was global head of innovation for GlaxoSmithKline. Sturgess presented Buyology’s research on the non-conscious response to product packaging at the 2012 edition of Luxe Pack New York.