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Enhancing Emotional Consumer Connections

By: Sandy Gregory
Posted: December 5, 2012, from the January 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.
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In developing a holistic spray experience, beauty packaging companies and fragrance brands should look at factors such as the sound, the atomization, how the fragrance touches the consumer’s skin and the control over the amount applied. Research from MWV has shown when each of these factors delivers on the brand promise, a brand can create a perception of luxury through the subliminal—which is often stronger than the tangible.

For example, MWV recently launched two new fragrance sprays, the Melodie Forever and the Melodie Agile, in an attempt to help better define a brand through its spray. With a fine spray, gentle actuation and a whisper sound, the Agile spray provides a softer, more romantic brand message for a fragrance, while the Forever spray provides a long, uniform spray of fine particles for long-lasting yet subtle touch. With options such as these, brand owners can select the spray packaging that perpetuates the type of experience they envision for their product.

High fashion, luxury brands focus on precision, craftsmanship and meticulous detail with their fragrances to convey quality and attract and retain customers. Using marketing and specific, detail-focused packaging, brand owners are able to connect with those consumers to create brand impressions through multiple sensory points. Through this process, the spray can be used to better reach overall branding goals, taking into account factors such as the demographics of the target user, the concentration of the formula and the season of the year. By doing so, fragrance brands can consistently deliver that experience with each and every use, helping forge the necessary connections between brands and their consumers and driving loyalty and repeat purchase.

Sandy Gregory is the fragrance marketing director for MWV with global responsibility for the growth strategy of MWV’s fragrance dispensing business, innovation and product development. To learn more about MWV, visit

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