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Is Your Packaging Saying Hello or Goodbye?

By: Alisa Marie Beyer
Posted: February 4, 2013, from the March 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.

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But from an emotional standpoint, she should love using your product because of what pulling that compact or lip gloss out of her handbag says about her, and how it makes her feel—sexy, beautiful and special. A perfect example of this phenomenon is Chanel. Many consumers are unable to afford Chanel haute couture or jewelry, but they can afford a luxurious Chanel powder compact—and this small slice of the larger brand allows women to feel and enjoy the luxury of owning a real Chanel product but at a cost that isn’t prohibitive to their wallets.

The result? The Chanel beauty consumer emotionally feels connected to the elegance and cache of the entire Chanel brand each time she slips to the ladies room to touch up her powder or freshen her lipstick. And perhaps more importantly, the message, voice and positioning of Chanel as a brand—not just the beauty segment—is strengthened and maintained each time she uses her compact, both to herself and to anyone else who sees those iconic interlocking double Cs.

Most consumers are not consciously aware of it, but their product choices are rooted in their desire to advertise their personality to the world and attract mates and friends. The emotional attachments they form with your brand, from the packaging to the story to the products, are the glue that keeps consumers interested, loyal and motivated to consistently seek out information on your products versus giving your competition a try.

Bottom line, strategically designed and thoughtfully executed packaging is your brand’s way of helping her make that choice.

Alisa Marie Beyer is the founder and creative director of The Beauty Company (TBC), a global beauty consulting firm offering business, strategy, consumer intelligence and branding. Serving its clients at every stage of development (from start-ups to 13 of the top 15 global beauty companies), TBC intimately understands the industry, the consumer and the market, and becomes an integral part of each client or project team.;