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Packaging as Added Value

By: Abby Penning
Posted: November 25, 2013, from the December 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.

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And along those same lines, Hooper explains, “Sun care products also trend toward added value as consumer awareness of the dangers of sun damage increases. Packaging is designed to protect the formula of the sunscreen and offer convenience for consumers. For example, there’s been a shift to aerosol sprayers in the sun care market because it’s easier for consumers to apply sunscreen to themselves in hard-to-reach places, and parents can quickly protect children without waiting for the lotion to absorb into the skin. Consumers are consistently willing to spend more for less ounces for the convenience of the package.”

But it can also be about the intangible way a beauty product makes consumers feel. “The look and feel of a product’s packaging—even down to the noise it makes—can impact perception of a brand,” explains Hooper. “Value-adds can be tied to how a product makes a consumer feel. During our research for the Melodie Spray Collection, we found that how a fragrance spray feels during application can actually enhance the consumer’s emotional connection to a product identity and help elevate their perception of a brand. The more positive the experience, the more likely the consumer is to choose the fragrance brand again.”

“An added-value feature found on some beauty products that may not be obvious at first glance is the method used to dispense,” adds McEttrick. “Dual chamber packaging used for beauty lotions or serums visually supports the fact that there are two formulas while providing the consumer with an innovative way of dispensing.”

The Importance of Packaging

As consumers demand more of their beauty products and brands, beauty companies have to be prepared to work more with their suppliers and product developers to create this value for their consumers. “When working with brands, we pride ourselves on our collaborative process,” says Telwar. “It’s important to understand a brand’s needs and also bring creative ideas to the table that amplify their packaging options.”

“Besides addressing the consumer’s demand for interactive, multifunctional, time-saving, customizable, and compact and mobile packaging, Topline offers two key options that add value to the total customer experience,” says Hutson. “Because we are a full-service provider in both packaging and product, we offer packaging that complements and effectively protects and preserves even the most complex formulations for untainted, maximum usage.”

And Dossien notes, “Value added comes from the shopping experience and how a consumer feels about the products they see and use. Attractive packaging that looks expensive and is well designed implies to the consumer that the product is valuable. The shaping, materials, colors, textures and overall appearance of the packaging design needs to be unique and offer secondary benefits.”