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The Inside Secrets of Your Outside Partners

By: Lisa Doyle
Posted: March 8, 2011, from the March 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Some companies also offer creative solutions outside of the product realm. “A number of clients will say, ‘I didn’t know you did that’ when they find out that we can help them with their marketing and selling verbiage,” adds Wochner. “We also help them proofread label and marketing copy. We can give enough information to help them sell their products and create their marketing brochures.”

Peace of Mind

A partner company that fully understands its clients’ needs from the bottom up may offer even more than a stellar product—it can help beauty brand owners cut through some of the red tape issues that they often face. For example, CoValence helps its clients work through the process of selling their products outside of the United States. “Our clients do not need to hire out for global help because we offer most of our global assistance at no charge,” says Wochner. “Our global regulations team will help a brand owner navigate through the quagmire of red tape that normally accompanies exporting documents.” The company further offers up-to-date lists of contact information for other industry vendors—packaging, labeling and such—to ensure their clients’ search for additional vendors is less cumbersome.

Moreover, when one of your supply chain partners understands your relationships with your other partners—retailers, for example—they can further benefit you. “We strive to have the highest level of shipment compliance in the industry—including order fulfillment accuracy, on-time performance, claims-free shipments and accurately invoicing our customers,” says Beland. “However, there are times when doing it 98.5% on-time just isn’t good enough, and when that is the case, we offer our ‘Guaranteed’ Retailer Consolidation Program, where if we fail, we will cover the cost of the retailer penalties.”

And sometimes, what makes a supply chain partner valuable is simply that it came through for you when others couldn’t. “We are often called upon to solve problems or innovate around a specific product concept or idea, sometimes at the eleventh hour,” says Campbell. “That call can start with, ‘We’ve been trying to make a product that does x, y and z; is that something you might be able to help us with?’ Or, ‘Our launch is planned in two months and our product just fell apart on stability. Our head of R&D said to call Coughlan, they can help.’ These are projects where we really shine and that often bring us customers who become customers-for-life.”