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Live From New York: HBA Addresses Industry Trends

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: May 1, 2008, from the May 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Finally, Food and Fun looked at updates, such as rhubarb/vanilla candles, where perfumers found rhubarb added a different dimension of fruit and tartness to compositions. Each aspect of the culinary journey demonstrated how the bridge between flavors and fragrances inspires perfumers. Niel-Jones said, “By putting presentations like this together for the Creative Group, we want them to be inspired to think outside the box and ultimately differentiate our customers’ products in the marketplace.”

Symrise Designs for Women’s Lifestyles
On Feb. 14, 2008, Symrise welcomed Sniffapalooza members to a fragrance presentation at its New York City headquarters. Organized by Sniffapalooza, under the direction of Karen Dubin and Karen Adams, Symrise staff shared its fragrance acumen with a look at three women’s lifestyles, aspects of which revealed a fragrance preference profile upon which finished fragrances may be based.

The multisensory workshop, held at Symrise’s Creative Theater, was led by Doreen Bucher, senior director of marketing, fine fragrance, scent and care division, Symrise; and Jeannine Dzuroska, vice president, consumer insights, scent and care division, Symrise. Called “Facets of Femininity,” the presentation focused on three multifaceted archetypes, determined through multiple focus groups in Europe and the U.S., to represent the women who are the current and future consumers of fragrance, fashion and design, and who are impacting fragrance design. The Modern Lover, The Creative Muse and The Poetic Seductress, or combinations thereof, reflected the characteristics that imbue and motivate women today. Sampling four accords within each aspect, attendees were treated to an exceptional range of fragrant blends, from cooling gardenia and violet and vetiver, to nostalgic cannabis notes, floral and woods, and seductive raspberry, praline and acai. The compositions, while not completed, nor fully structured fragrances, opened an expansive range of fragrant possibilities.

Among the Symrise perfumers present was Jean Claude Delville, vice president, senior perfumer, scent and care division, Symrise, whose commentary anchored the presentation. “Perfume is like a collage. The ideas are generated in talking,” he said. Clearly, emotions were at the heart of the fragrance presentation, and the potential for creating fragrances that elicit happiness, sophistication, elegance, confidence or passion are waiting to be created. “It is one of my dreams to custom-blend something for someone with Symrise’s ingredients,” said Delville. “You can really accomplish something unique.”

CEW Product Demo Kicks Off Beauty Award Season
More than 285 brands and nearly 600 new products were showcased at the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Beauty Awards Product Demonstration on Feb. 20, 2008, at New York City’s Metropolitan Pavilion.