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Application and Execution

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: November 8, 2007, from the November 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

The trends toward eco-friendly products, as well as offerings featuring sophisticated formulas of multipurpose ingredients and value-added benefits, have been well documented over the past two years. Though distinctly different, both are equal opportunities for manufacturers of applicators and dispensing systems to innovate, thus actively participating to ensure that the ideals and intent of the initial trend are translated effectively across the components of any given product.

For color cosmetics, notably mascara, applicators have a role in communicating the natural and high science brand messages.

The Impact of Naturals

Organic Monitor expects the international market for natural and organic cosmetics to generate approximately $7 billion in sales in 2007. Darrin Duber-Smith, president of Green Marketing, Inc., stated that the natural personal care market has been growing at a rate of 15% annually for the past 10 years; in contrast, the personal care market as a whole has grown at approximately 3% annually.

Natural cosmetic product launches have multiplied from a few hundred in the early part of the decade to several thousand each year. Along with the rise of natural products, heightened environmental sensitivity has pushed sustainability into the mainstream of beauty, translating into a commitment to environmentally sound products, components and processes throughout the supply chain.
Consumers are growing evermore aware of what their personal care products contain, and that awareness carries over to every aspect of the product, beyond the ingredients. The boon for marketers and suppliers is that this ethical consumption translates to increased spending, as evident in the growth of the market.

It is therefore only logical that marketers reinforce this appeal through packaging, considering the environmental impact at all stages of the supply chain. At the same time, it stands to reason that a company committed, at any level, to producing and marketing natural products would seek to translate that commitment into every aspect of its product packaging. While considering major primary and secondary components, it can be easy to overlook applicators.