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Social Outbound Engagement and the Beauty Industry

By: Nate Myers and Ron Robinson
Posted: December 6, 2010, from the December 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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The best social outbound engagement strategy is the seamless one. Whether you are speaking through an influential online community forum to someone who has never seriously considered purchasing your product before or to a loyalist who you wish to invite to an exclusive event, you want to ensure you deliver a consistent, cohesive brand experience for your audience.

What are your brand values? Is there a disconnect between the social marketing voice you use through your Facebook presence to the print ad in The New York Times launching your latest fragrance? Is your social marketing strategy leveraging your traditional marketing assets and events? Do you have a comprehensive marketing calendar that captures all your social, online and traditional marketing touch points and events? Have you mapped out all possible customer journeys, and understand how each component smoothly leads to the next so that your audience has a seamless, positive brand experience?

Deliver the ROI

This all sounds nice, but we’re all busy, and, at the end of the day, need to show real, specific ROI. Can that be done for social media?


Some of the best methods available today to track ROI for your social marketing efforts include:

  • Compare number of impressions generated through social media with cost of delivering same impressions using traditional media.
  • Minimize customer service operational costs through outbound social engagement to retain disengaged customers. Evaluate with cost for in-person and phone support, noting your average cost for attracting a new customer.
  • Track actual sales through promotion codes or custom URLs promoted through social media. Boost online sales by measuring all traffic and revenue driven directly from consumers who originated in social media channels.