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Social Outbound Engagement and the Beauty Industry

By: Nate Myers and Ron Robinson
Posted: December 6, 2010, from the December 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Loyalists: These are your VIPs, whose frequency and amount of spend make them your most profitable customers today. They are the people who are easiest to engage through your brand’s proprietary online and social media channels. They are the ones who are already on your e-mail lists, reading your blogs and following your Facebook updates—or at least identify strongly enough with your brand to want to stay informed.

So, how many of your loyalists do you actually track? What can you do to get more information on those you do not know? How do you leverage your social media assets to further engender their loyalty?

Independents: These consumers might use your products on occasion, but also spend with your competition. Or perhaps they have never used your products, but have challenges that your products and services address. They have the potential to become profitable, long-term customers of yours, but how do you reach them? They are much less likely than loyalists to be on your customer lists or fan groups, but yet they are still active online.

The total spend of independents in your product categories far exceeds that of the loyalists, which you are realizing today, so you need to court this group. However, to do so requires you to meet them where they are already spending their time online, because they are not interested in visiting you on your online social properties, yet.

Know Your Social Shadow

You can’t develop an outbound engagement strategy unless you know where you are starting. Establish metrics and survey the most relevant social media sites for your business. To shape how your brand is represented in social media tomorrow, you need to know where you are today: How many mentions of your brand are there in social media? Who is talking about you? What are they saying? What percentage of the discussion is positive, neutral and negative? How many inbound links and bookmarks to your sites are there?