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Social Outbound Engagement and the Beauty Industry

By: Nate Myers and Ron Robinson
Posted: December 6, 2010, from the December 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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What can you do to foster participation and dialogue about your products and services, about the solutions you are providing? Are there conversations regarding your brand and issues taking place in which you can join and add value? Can you provide access to your experts to discuss beauty issues and best practices, and share overall insight through interactive formats? Can you develop social media content that engages consumers and motivates them to share your assets with their friends and family?

Are the social media resources you are creating something that would legitimately be of interest to someone who is not yet a brand loyalist of yours? Engagement is essential for engendering true loyalty among your target audience. Does your current social marketing strategy sufficiently address this?

Leverage the Negative

One of the more challenging elements of social media for brands is that, with so many different voices in social media, it is inevitable that some might be more negative in their appraisal of your products or overall brand. Of the negative references, it is important to identify those that are constructive in nature and those that have a greater online impact. For these, look to remedy the situation through:

  • Direct assistance to address the issues they raise.
  • Validation by regarding their feedback as constructive and valuable. Indicate, specifically, how you will leverage it into your marketing and product development process.
  • Incremental services you can provide to enable them to have a positive association with your brand.

By creating a positive experience where there was a negative void, you are creating a social impact far greater than that one individual. Other online consumers notice when someone they trust has changed their opinion of your brand, and, in addition, it motivates them to reconsider your brand in a more positive light.

Cultivate Brand Ambassadors

Consumers have been shown to be more likely to trust the opinions of other online consumers over those of a company whose products they are considering to purchase. The more these people encounter real customers who are passionate about your brand, while still retaining that girl-next-door ring of truth to which they can relate, the greater the chances are that they will go ahead and purchase your product.