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Pinning With Pinterest

By: Ron Robinson and Upasana Sahu
Posted: August 27, 2012, from the September 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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To create further interest and engagement, think about launching a Pinterest contest. Ask users to create a pinboard highlighting what they love about your brand, and then award the best or most well-received board with a prize from your company. It has been reported that around 10% of the major retailers have put up pinboard contests to drive their referral traffic. You can also arrange photo hunts, stage “define your style” contests and much more. Pick out your top followers and create a board dedicated to them. You can also ask fans to pin and tag pictures of themselves with their favorite products from your brand, and then easily re-pin those photos. During holidays, ask your followers for their wish lists and arrange some giveaways as well.

Pinterest Points

You can also use Pinterest to convey information about your company’s team. Create an executive management board and include a bio for each person. Feature employees by posting their photos, as well as images of office outings, events and more to convey that always-important brand and company personality. Fans are always interested in knowing insider facts, and they want to hear about it all.

Analyze if there is a specific image or topic that drives more traffic your way than others. is a fashion rental site that groups its boards into various occasions such as “weddings,” “proms,” “bachelorette parties” and so on, with each board containing many looks inspired by—or inspiring—that particular event.

And don’t be afraid to be unique. has one specific pinboard called “Science Behind Beauty” that posts scientific facts about various beauty products that a consumer should know, including expert advice, reviews and suggestions about emerging technologies in the beauty market. You can always re-pin the most featured pins to encourage social engagement.

Maintain your pinboards well and aim to make every board shine. And keep updating and rearranging them frequently to keep the wall looking fresh. After all, the goal is to become the go-to Pinterest account of the beauty world, and you can’t do that relying on old information.

Ron Robinson is the founder and CEO of, an online beauty community and social media agency that reaches more than 20 million consumers. He is a veteran product development executive who has worked for leading beauty companies (including The Estée Lauder Companies, Avon Products and Revlon). He currently works with beauty brands, retailers and agencies to connect them to the BeautyStat community for online PR events, sponsored content and rich consumer insights.

Upasana Sahu is an editor with She started her career as a cosmetic chemist, playing with chemicals and inventing formulas, and she loves discovering and exploring new beauty products. Sahu also enjoys interacting with fans and sharing her opinions on new products and technologies.