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Marketing Matters: Marketing in a Shrinking Marketplace

By: Donna Barson
Posted: October 13, 2008

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Finally, don’t depend on former consumer loyalty to rescue you. Consumers are becoming more and more uncertain, and will flit from brand to brand until they find the best one for them. Such previous marketplace touchstones as demographics and lifestyles are fading, and will continue to fade in the face of what some are calling the multi-faced consumer of today.

Yet, conversely, consumers will continue to call the shots. But a fickle and hard-to-define consumer means that every point-of-contact with them is critical; every interaction, if not handled properly, could be your last.

The bottom line is that marketers cannot hope for a calm business landscape. Uncertainty is, and will continue to be, the name of the game.

But there is hope.

Marketing Matters

The new retail landscape, while tougher to negotiate, also provides the savvy marketer with new opportunities. Marketing does indeed matter.