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You Can Lead a Woman to Nutricosmetics and Cosmeceuticals, But Will She Try Them?

By: Alisa Marie Beyer, The Benchmarking Company
Posted: November 5, 2008, from the November 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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When asked about cosmeceuticals, topical products containing active ingredients that claim to provide a clinical benefit in addition to their traditional cosmetic function, 10% of all women said they understood what they were, and another 26% of all women said they use a cosmeceutical product right now.

Cosmeceuticals, however, are confusing for many women. When the 10% of women who claimed to use cosmeceuticals were asked to list them, the list contained only a few actual cosmeceutical products. Answers ranged from Aveeno products (with “active naturals” in them) to Avon, Almay, Clean & Clear and Proactiv, to true cosmeceutical products by brands.

Clearly, brands that truly offer cosmeceutical benefits need to educate the consumer on why the cosmeceutical product differs from the task of a normal cosmetic product.

Warming To Cosmeceuticals

More than 80% of women surveyed want to try a cosmeceutical product and use it like their other cosmetic products. The cosmeceutical delivery systems they’re open to include:

  • 83% would try a product applied like a normal cosmetic product
  • 79% would try a rub-on cosmeceutical product
  • 69% would try a wash-on product
  • 68% would try a mist-on product
  • 63% would try a spray-on product

As cosmeceutical delivery systems become even more innovative, it will be interesting to track the true acceptance of these products in terms of sales volume.

What She Expects

Of women claiming to use cosmeceutical products, 81% say they are using them to benefit their skin. Seventeen percent use them to enhance their lips, and 15% use them for hair care.

Of those who use cosmeceuticals for their skin, 67% expect younger looking skin and a more even skin tone as a result; 63% expect radiant skin and a slowing of the outward skin aging process. Seventy-six percent of women who use cosmeceuticals for their lips expect moister lips, and another 60% expect a decrease in lines around the lips. For those who use cosmeceuticals for hair care, 74% expect more moisturized hair and 31% expect hair growth.