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Beauty with a Twist

Beth Ann Catalano and Tina Hedges

By: Karen Newman
Posted: November 7, 2006, from the November 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

In a made-for-TV meeting just over two years ago, beauty industry veterans Beth Ann Catalano and Tina Hedges found each other—business partners with complementary skills and a shared passion for serving the customer. They met shortly after each had quit jobs that were the culmination of many years of learning the industry and climbing the corporate ladder.

Fate brought them together on a day when each one had lined up a consulting project in the same building. “We took separate elevators to the same floor and went to the same door,” Catalano recalled. “Now she’s marketing and I’m sales, and we trust each other.”

The two were in the midst of putting together their idea for a brand incubator that they named twist.new.brand.venture, when a phone call brought them their first project—and what a project it turned out to be. In two short months, they put together financing and a management team and began development on what would become Jonathan Product, for Bravo’s celebrity stylist Jonathan Antin.

That chance meeting brought together two very different people. Catalano, who hails from Texas and Colorado, is married, has a teenage daughter and lives on the New Jersey shore. Hedges, born in Jamaica of Cuban parents, is single and lives in New York City. They both came up through the ranks in the beauty industry, but their paths to “twist” were very different.

Beauty Advisor DNA

Catalano believes her career was settled at a very young age, when her toys were Estée Lauder cosmetic testers sent to her by her grandmother. She studied marketing and international business at the University of Colorado, and worked part-time as a Clinique beauty advisor in a local department store. It was definitely a formative time for her; she knows that the role of beauty advisor is in her blood. “I don’t just think like a beauty advisor,” she said. “I am a beauty advisor.”