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Beauty with a Twist

By: Karen Newman
Posted: November 7, 2006, from the November 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.
Beth Ann Catalano and Tina Hedges

Beth Ann Catalano and Tina Hedges

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All this brings us to that made-for-TV meeting and a star turn on Bravo’s hit show Blowout, featuring Jonathan Antin. Catalano recalled that not five days after the two met, Antin’s manager called Hedges. He said “I have a star, Jonathan, who just ended his first season of Blowout. He wants to do a product line,” remembered Catalano. The manager told them that if they could put together the management team and the investors, he would talk to them. “Less than one month later we were signing a deal,” Catalano said. The two are now equity partners in Jonathan Product.

Twist of Fate

An initial attempt to interview Hedges and Catalano together by phone was as exhausting as it was fascinating. They finished each others sentences like identical twins or a long-married couple, when what they really are is a business team so well in sync that there is no doubt about their mission to “seek out new cross-media brand opportunities and continually leverage our experience to find alternative ways to finance, market and distribute these brands.” is “a professional services organization founded by beauty industry experts and entrepreneurs dedicated to the creation of new and innovative multimedia brands across beauty, fashion and self-improvement categories.”

The company name came out of a brainstorming session. Hedges explained that they were throwing out a bunch of names but nothing struck their fancy. “Then I thought, everything we do has a bit of a twist,” said Hedges. “We hadn’t fleshed out what ‘twist’ would be, but we just knew we had a synergy and understanding of the beauty industry.”

“Tina and I love the name ‘twist’ because we look at everything from a different point of view,” said Catalano. “People ask ‘How can I fix this brand?’ But how do you go back and do it again? Relaunch? There’s no such thing.” In their view, a company has one opportunity to launch a brand, and it had better be strategic and do the right things for the brand the first time. “Innovation is on a short string,” said Catalano. “People think that that’s a twisted point of view, but that’s how we work.”