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Twittering from the Field and the Bench

By: Pierce Mattie
Posted: July 6, 2009, from the July 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Connect with beauty product fans and other cosmetic scientists. Thousands of beauty bloggers are using Twitter, and connecting with them is simple. This allows you to quickly meet people from all over the world and find out what’s important to them or what problems they want solved. For a cosmetic chemist, this becomes an excellent source of new product/formulation ideas. Also, a number of cosmetic chemists have also joined Twitter, which lets us trade formulating tips and suggestions.

Share links and discuss beauty industry news. Link-sharing is one of the most useful aspects of Twitter. Rather than search the Web for everything that might be interesting, you can follow people you respect and read what they think is important. You can also put your own story links on Twitter and engage in lively beauty news discussions.

Learn about new product launches. Sometimes beauty product companies launch new products in limited markets or even conduct test markets before a launch. There are beauty tweeters who can tip you off to these launches. This early warning system can help you keep up with your competition and inspire new ideas on how you might address consumer problems.

Virtually attend conferences. Some cosmetic chemists use Twitter during conferences, and, through them, you can keep up with the latest talks and technologies without incurring travel expenses. This is even more relevant considering the travel cutbacks that many beauty companies have initiated due to the sagging economy.

Becoming a resource for other media outlets. Twitter allows scientists to connect and build their reputations. They are no longer hidden in the labs and filtered from the media by the PR arms of corporations. Twitter makes direct contact with the press and the public easier for scientists. This can help people get the information they really need while minimizing the marketing spin.

In Conclusion