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Word-of-mouth Marketing Will Change Your Business

By: Tina Hedges and Sarah Chung
Posted: September 3, 2009, from the September 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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In this hyper-competitive beauty environment, this simply won’t do. If someone was talking about you to thousands or millions of others, wouldn’t you want to know what was being said? Or better yet, know how to infiltrate, influence or spark that conversation yourself?

Word-of-mouth Strategies That Work

In “Is Your Digital Marketing A Turn-on?” (GCI magazine, July 2009), many of the online tools brands can leverage in their digital marketing efforts were discussed. When it comes to WOM, the same names are relevant (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc), but these are merely tactical tools to implement a carefully articulated WOM plan. The Word of Mouth Marketing Association outlines several positive WOM guidelines, and some beauty marketers are already taking note.

1. Creating communities and connecting people. This can include creating user groups and fan clubs, supporting independent groups that form around your product, hosting discussions and message boards about your products.

WOM TREND METER: Avon hired Communispace to create a private online customer community, where the company can develop and maintain relationships with its brand advocates.

Brands should be on the alert for the new brand communities formed by BzzScapes, where BzzAgents place to-share content about brands. The Maybelline BzzScape is an early favorite.