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Scent: New Frontiers in Branding

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: May 3, 2007

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In discussing the methods utilized for fragrance dispensing, he described the various processes—including the spray, evaporating fragrance from a solid substrate or gel, nebulizing the fragrance and electrostatic charge—which, in the method used by AromaSys, utilizes a device that works with a building’s own ventilating system. According to Semoff, however, micro-nebulization seems to be the most popular available method.

“(Micro-nebulization is) introducing a very fine flow of perfume oil into a jet air stream, which produces a very dry fragrance delivery,” said Semoff. “This gives you the truest rendition and, in most cases, allows you to work with the perfume oil in its purest form.”
The chemistry of fragrance also plays a role with respect to the volatility of the mixture, specifically the vapor pressure. “In terms of validating the overall process, there are two methods,” said Semoff. “The first is a sensory evaluation by a trained panel of expert noses, who go into the facility and smell.”

This gives a qualitative assessment. The second approach is a quantitative validation, which takes into account the nanograms per liter of perfume oil being diffused into the air.

POP Branding
Chosen as the featured company to represent this year’s theme of Environmental Scenting at the Las Vegas Global Shop event held in March 2007, EnviroScent is a scent solutions provider that analyzes the needs of those seeking ways to add scent to their businesses, stores, products and brands. Sharon Sherwood, vice president and cofounder of Ball Ground, Georgia-based EnviroScent, noted that scent has become one of the strongest elements of branding for retailers, citing point-of-purchase branding enhanced by scent memory associations as the new wave in retail and hospitality.

“Envirodine Studios, Inc. started in 2001 and began as an environmental dynamics company,” said Sherwood. “With the assistance of IBM and Sony, we successfully presented a proof of concept of an integrated multimedia environmental system that demonstrated how retail space could be electronically remodeled at a moment’s notice. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and we were positioned to launch a truly unique and bold direction for retail marketing.”