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Scent: New Frontiers in Branding

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: May 3, 2007

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Unfortunately, Sept. 11 happened two weeks later, changing the investment atmosphere significantly. “At that time we determined to singularly focus on the one ‘effect’ that universally excited everyone who attended the proof of concept presentation. Since then, the company’s line of equipment and products have grown and developed as a response to their customer’s needs, and the company rapidly carved out a niche as a scent solutions provider.

“For about 20 years, we’ve been very aware of the power of smell to add that additional dimension that would make an experience not only more sensational but memorable,” said Sherwood. The areas Sherwood believes are the most frequently requested to be fragranced include hotel lobbies, retail entrances and POP displays, restaurants, entryways, market bakeries and floral departments, convenience stores, furniture galleries, and theme and amusement parks.

“We also work with the leading virtual reality researchers in the country to add another layer of real life to their research work, training and rehabilitation for patients with addictions and war related post-traumatic stress disorders,” said Sherwood. “We have a growing clientele that uses specific scents for odor elimination—not simply control or masking, but true elimination.”

Sherwood noted that a client’s goals are integral to determining which scent dispersion system or combination of systems will be utilized. The company offers systems that can fragrance virtually any size area—from a closet to a football stadium. Applications determine the scent, according to Sherwood, and scent is typically used in the following ways:
•    Branding
•    Product promotion
•    To support a theme
•    Ambiance and creation/re-creation of memories
•    Aromatherapy/aromachology
•    Remediation

Ultimately, there are many perceived benefits found in environmental scenting. It has also been shown that customers perceive the space as having more upscale merchandise when certain scents are present.