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Branding for Digital Media

By: Aniko Hill
Posted: February 2, 2010, from the February 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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To execute a successful digital marketing campaign, it is critical to create quality content that your audience will want to see. If your content comes off as a direct sales pitch in these mediums, the savvy Web audience will be turned off. The key to successful digital marketing is engagement. If your audience is commenting on your posts, interacting with your pages and blogging or re-posting your content, you know you are doing something right.

Maintenance is Everything

In today’s Web world, immediacy is essential. News is already old by the time it hits newspapers or television. If your content does not have substance or is not updated frequently, the Web audience will lose interest quickly. Being topical and current with your branded content can make the difference between a compelling campaign and a mediocre one.

Hire an Expert

There are many firms that specialize in digital marketing, but the key is to find one that also has a comprehensive understanding of branding as a whole. Since one of most important elements of branding for digital media is consistency in your brand’s voice, it is critical that the people in charge of your brand online have a strong background in traditional brand development. In addition to having an understanding of technology, a successful digital media team must also have quality visual aesthetic and strong communications skills. Since individuals within an organization may have very unique voices, it is impor- tant to have an expert to act as an editor to filter the messages and translate the tone into a consistent brand voice in order for branding efforts to be successful—regardless whether this is an outside agency or a qualified individual within your organization. If you have a team of people handling your digital marketing in-house, make sure its background deems it to be an expert on branding, and that it is current on digital media technologies. Experts can design and execute custom, branded pages within the “free” systems, create targeted networks and friend adds, create custom and meaningful content, and ultimately convert sales.