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The Mysteries of R&D, Part II: Why Do They Always Say “Not Ready Yet”?

By: Art Rich, PhD
Posted: November 5, 2010, from the November 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Clinical Testing for Claim Support: Depending on what is being said in the marketing materials and/or on the package, clinical testing may be required to support the claim. Various instrumentation is used. There are numerous techniques to evaluate these claims, and a brief description of some of the technologies are noted here.

Skin Dryness/Moisturization: Because moisture conducts an electrical current, such a current is able to quantify the amount of moisture (or lack of it) on the skin. An instrument can measure the electrical conductivity, which is translated to moisture content.

Skin Elasticity: An instrument stretches a portion of the skin then releases it, measuring its ability to return to its original state in time.

Wrinkle Reduction: A silicone mold replica is made of the area of skin under examination. The crevices in the mold can be examined microscopically, and the extent of wrinkle reduction in size and depth over time can be determined.

Skin Temperature: A measurement can determine the extent of irritation (or the reduction of it).