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Chemical Reaction: Skin Care: The Importance of Feel

By: Steve Herman
Posted: December 10, 2007, from the December 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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The ratings depend on a trained panel and the elimination of as many variables as possible.

Once a product is created, a panel can evaluate its consumer acceptability.

A favored way to treat the data from a variety of responses is a spider graph. It can display a large number of characteristics together, including fragrance. It is well known that odor can profoundly affect opinions, including unrelated performance values, and spider graphs reflect this. For example, the same shampoo formula can get different evaluations of foaming and cleansing when only the fragrance is different.

Using systematic methods to create the proper feel and appearance is a prerequisite for a new formulation. A combination of optimal sensory properties combined with functionality will result in a superior product. Attention to economics, packaging and marketing is then needed to assure commercial success. Only when every aspect of the product’s promise and performance is aligned will the consumer respond with total satisfaction.