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Obituary: Robert Goldemberg, Cosmetic Chemist

Posted: October 15, 2008

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"Cosmetics you buy are like television shows," he said. "They're made for a million people."

And millions of people, no doubt, used the cosmetics Mr. Goldemberg helped develop earlier in his career.

"Sometime between the end of World War II and 1965, cosmetics turned from a cookbook thing to a science, and Bob Goldemberg was among the leaders in that change," said Steve Herman, technical sales director for J & E Sozio, a fragrance firm in Edison. Herman took over the (Chemical Reaction) column Mr. Goldemberg wrote for many years in Drug and Cosmetic Industry magazine (now GCI magazine).

Ken Klein, president of Cosmetech Laboratories, a Fairfield-based consultancy, said Mr. Goldemberg "was probably the first successful consultant in the cosmetics industry."

"He was a good chemist, a good formulator, and he was willing to share what he knew," Klein said.

When he wasn't whipping up face creams in the kitchen, Mr. Goldemberg penned poetry and played the flute.