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Nov 07, 2006 | 02:38 PM CST

Silky Smooth

By: Nancy Jeffries

Silkiness, long-lasting smoothness and moisturizing are expected in bath and body products. The bath has become a haven for stress relief and a sanctuary for those who seek restorative treatment in addition to a cleansing benefit, and ingredient suppliers and formulators provide a variety of product enhancements to satisfy demand in the market.

Nov 07, 2006 | 11:56 AM CST

Wipe Out

By: SkinSensory

A two part study of cosmetic facial wipes was recently conducted by 21st Sensory. The first part was a consumer study in which a group of female consumer judges were recruited to use and rate the two facial wipes...

Oct 26, 2006 | 02:49 PM CDT

Chemical Reaction: An Update on Water

By: Steve Herman

Simply saying that water is “H20” can obscure its true nature and the current effect water has on cosmetics and personal care products.

Oct 26, 2006 | 02:29 PM CDT

A Chemical Change

A new specialty chemical distribution model aims to give beauty industry marketers improved customer service and access to qualified help on ingredient issues while expanding markets for small- and medium-sized producers...

Oct 26, 2006 | 10:51 AM CDT

Working Up a Lather

By: Luis Vazquez

Driven by increasing awareness and concern by consumers about the source and properties of the ingredients in their personal care products, the conversion to more natural formulations in personal care is gathering momentum. The natural hair care category is undergoing a shift as technology and formulations improve, enhancing performance and functionality while maintaining the natural integrity and positioning of the products...

Oct 26, 2006 | 10:39 AM CDT

Skin Care and Cosmetics, Naturally!

By: Nancy Jeffries

The global market for natural cosmetics is forecast to grow 9% annually through 2008, when it will reach $5.8 billion. To meet growing demands for effective naturals, companies are peeking in at all points of the globe to source ingredients...

Feb 14, 2006 | 09:12 AM CST

Botanigenics Introduces Preservative System

Botanigenics, Inc. announced the commercial introduction of Botanistat PF-64, a globally approved, paraben- and formaldehyde-free preservative system for the personal care and toiletry industries...

Feb 02, 2006 | 02:51 PM CST

FDA Proposes Color Extract Declaration

A recent announcement from the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association announced that the FDA published a proposed rule in the Federal Register requiring the declaration of carmine and cochineal extract on the label of all cosmetic products containing these color additives...

Jan 31, 2006 | 11:20 AM CST

Merck, German University Opening Research Facility

Merck KGaA and the Technical University of Darmstadt have signed an agreement to establish a jointly operated research laboratory. Over the next five years, Merck and the TU Darmstadt will research novel inorganic composite materials that could be suitable for use as printable components in high-performance electronic applications...

Jan 23, 2006 | 04:55 PM CST

Hydron Receives Patent

Hydron Technologies Inc. announced it has been granted a U.S. patent for a self-adjusting emulsion system designed to deliver improved benefits for a variety of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products—including antiaging skin care and sunscreens...