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Communicating Skin Care Benefits to Consumers

By: Katerina Steventon, PhD, and Steve Baron
Posted: August 26, 2013, from the September 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.

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KS: I also recommend promoting skin care as a life-long process. Skin care delivers benefits if viewed as an enjoyable journey to youthful appearance and skin health. It is important to focus on the quality of the experience, not the age-defying end results. Anti-aging skin care should address the onset of specific concerns in the consumer’s 40s or earlier. Improving consumer compliance can be achieved with attention to sensory benefits as well as packaging, formulation, texture and fragrance. Seeing ourselves look better helps us to feel better. Skin care has a role in building self-respect, self-esteem and personal stability.

SB: This idea supports my earlier comment that treating all anti-aging products as a single entity does not help the industry or the consumer. Most [product developers] have a clear view of the complexities of addressing skin through the ages, as well as the different ethnic, genetic and societal factors that influence attitudes of consumers to how they see their skin. What the cosmetic industry knows about aging skin and how to use this knowledge for today’s consumers may be different for future generations. The debate we’ve had here will continue.

Katerina Steventon, PhD, of FaceWorkshops, is an independent consultant to the skin care industry and the general public. She holds a doctorate in transdermal absorption and has more than 20 years of experience in skin research at companies, including Shiseido, Juvena/LaPrairie, and Smith and Nephew Wound Management. Her consultancy provides objective recommendations to consumers on personalized skin care routines and facial treatments, and her column, “Consumer Perspective,” will provide readers with unique insight on this commercial/scientific interface.

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