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Not the Same Old Story

By: Anat Stern and Eden Somberg
Posted: January 20, 2011, from the January 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Investigation of Alguard’s composition reveals that the unique 3-D structure of the polysaccharide generates an organized mesh when smeared on a surface. This mesh provides a physical barrier, and, through its organization, gives a homogenous protection to the surface on which it is applied. However, the physical protection of ingredients such as this is not the entire story. In this example, there are negatively charged groups responsible for diverse biological activity against various environmental insults to the skin. Sulfated mono-sugars and groups of glucuonic acid, for instance, are interlaced in the polysaccharide molecule, resembling active groups that naturally exist in skin.

Actions such as these, as documented in studies, also provide photo-protection and microbial adhesion prevention benefits. The reduction of the adhesion of new bacteria by an average of 60% has been demonstrated.

Altogether, these results indicate that regular application of products that contain such ingredients can prevent damage the skin faces in daily life. Further, additional benefits include the prevention of irritation and skin redness (by preventing migration of inflammatory cells to the site of an inflammation) while offering oxidative protection to cells—activities desirable in anti-aging products.


In today’s market, multi-functionality of an ingredient is a key benefit in and of itself, and creates a cost-effect ease of formulation because less actives are needed to produce a wide range of noticeable benefits. Offerings with gentle ingredients that, however, offer an effective spectrum of uses—for both daily and treatment use—are the type of innovations that both benefit brands and resonate with consumers.

And an intriguing ingredient story that translates to an intriguing product/brand story—combined with ingredients that are both multi-functional and efficacious—are the foundations for offerings that resonate with consumers. Add additional elements such as a green production process to the story and a novel, premium and effective ingredient becomes the foundation for beauty products that consumers make their staples.