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2011 Ingredient Launches

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A roundup of the ingredient launches published in GCI, January–November.

Bath & Body

  • Ami-feels (Alban Muller): Ingredients that add distinct textures to products.
  • Aristoflex (Clariant): Skin care polymers that give a pleasant, non-tacky skin-feel.
  • Cetiol C5 (Cognis): An emollient used as an alternative to cyclic silicones in facial, body, cosmetic sun and hair care products, and decorative
  • EcoSmooth Satin (Dow Personal Care): Conditioning polymer for moisturizing body washes and mild conditioning shampoo formulations. Hostapon SG (Clariant): An amino acid surfactant for sulfate-free rinse-off products.
  • Opulyn PQG Opacifier (Dow Personal Care): An opacifying technology for conditioning body washes, shampoos and liquid hand soaps.
  • Plantacare (Cognis): Nonionic surfactants suited for baby care products or mild shampoos, bath and shower gel
  • Phytofoam (Crodarom): An ingredient that helps develop foam in personal care products.
  • SF1000N1, SF1000N1.5 and SF1000N2 (KCC Silicone, a division of KCC Corp.): D5 alternative silicone fluids that help improve skin-feel in skin-wetting and quick-dry products.
  • Silcare Silicone WSI (Clariant): A water-in-oil/water-in-silicone emulsifier for body lotions and creams, sunscreen formulations and decorative cosmetics.
  • Slimexir—The Silhouette-Refiner (Rahn): An ingredient that combats excessive fat.
  • Smart5 (IMCD Group): A hydrocarbon-based silicone replacement.
  • Superveggies (Symrise): Botanical ingredients that offer antioxidative elements for shower gels, shampoos and face creams.
  • Velsan SC (Clariant): Natural synergistic aid that boosts the performance of classic listed preservatives.
  • Verochic (Sinerga): A deodorizer that also can help in anti-acne, anti-dandruff and exfoliating activities.


  • A10E-C (Sisterna B.V.): A sucrose ester that helps provide a positive skin feel in color
  • Ami-cap (Alban Muller): A technique for the absorption of microporous silica to adapt liquid cosmetic ingredients to makeup
  • Chione HD Pigments (BASF): Synthetic mica pigments with low heavy metal content. In three white shades and five pigmented shades.
  • Colorona Imperial Topaz (EMD Chemicals, Inc. [Rona Cosmetic Bus. Unit], a division of Merck): A pigment offering coverage and warm luminosity.
  • Colorona SynColors (EMD Chemicals, Inc. [Rona Cosmetic Bus. Unit], a division of Merck): Metallic synthetic mica pigments in shades of bronze, copper and cranberry.
  • Fiesta Colors (Impact Colors, Inc.): Synthetic, mica-based; appropriate for eye products, lipstick, facial makeup and nail polish.
  • Gemini Colorants (DayGlo Color Corp.): Dual-tone pearlescent pigments for use in eye cosmetics, as well as in hair sprays and skin
  • RonaFlair Soft Sphere (EMD Chemicals, Inc. [Rona Cosmetic Bus. Unit], a division of Merck): Filler designed for skin feel along with pure powder
  • Ronastar Golden Star (EMD Chemicals, Inc. [Rona Cosmetic Bus. Unit], a division of Merck): Inorganic gold effect pigment that lends high-covering, glittering accents. Also suitable for skin
  • Skin Friendly Pigments (Gelest, Inc.): Hydrophilic amino acid-treated pigments for improving conditioning in color
  • Vertasil line (Gelest, Inc.): Reduce surface tension, increase spreadability and enhance compatibility for foundations, eye shadows, lip products and blushes. Also, appropriate for skin and hair
  • Widelash (Sederma): An active ingredient created to accentuate the natural appearance of the eyelashes and improve their anchorage to reduce lash loss.


  • Baycusan C 1008 (Bayer MaterialScience): Film-forming polyurethane dispersion for hair sprays.
  • Capixyl (Unipex): An peptide designed to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth.
  • CE-7080 Smart Style Emulsion (Dow Corning): Amino silicone elastomer emulsion that provides hair styling benefits in leave-in conditioners, mousses and combing creams.
  • Cosmedia Triple C (Cognis): An additive for hair conditioners and skin care offering electrolyte tolerance and improved stability and viscosity.
  • Embrace (Coast Southwest): Soft-hold hair resin for PVP-free formulations.
  • Kerabase LC (Inolex): Pre-blend system for hair conditioners.
  • Kerarice (Provital Group, distributed by Centerchem in North America): Active ingredient that protects the hair fiber and color from sun damage.
  • Sanicapyl (Laboratoires Sérobiologiques): An ingredient that helps rebalance the scalp to overcome dandruff.
  • Sensomer CT-250 and CT-400 (Lubrizol’s Noveon Consumer Specialties): Polymers for improved deposition and enhanced conditioning in hair cleansing formulations.
  • Structure Cel (AkzoNobel Global Personal Care): Polymers for both hair care and skin care applications, with a range of uses. SymSol PF-3 (Symrise): Solubilizer for lipophilic substances such as perfume and essential oils. Also appropriate for body care and fragrances.
  • Synergy CBD, CBI and CBH (Principium S.A.): Preservatives that offer antimicrobial support in cosmetic applications.

Skin/Anti-aging; Sun

  • Caresoft (Provital Group, distributed in North America by Centerchem): Improves sensitive skin conditions through the regulation of the epidermal skin pH gradient.
  • Caspaline 14 (ISP): A synthetic peptide designed to boost the expression of caspase-14, which is linked to skin softness and suppleness.
  • Dragon’s Blood Extract (Naturex): A topical aid for skin
  • EL-8052 IH Silicone Organic Elastomer Blend (Dow Corning): Silicone elastomers that offers improved compatibility with organic and active ingredients in skin care.
  • Endicare ETP (Coast Southwest): Family of liquid dispersion polymers that act as thickening, emulsifying, suspending and stabilizing agents. Also appropriate for use in hair care and makeup.
  • GEM 2-ethylhexyl palmitate (Eastman Chemical Company): A colorless liquid emollient ester for use in skin care and color cosmetic applications.
  • Hyadisine (Lipotec): An ingredient that helps skin retain water for a moisturizing effect and wrinkle reduction.
  • Instensyl (Silab): A tensor created using sugar to help produce a lifting and smoothing effect, with applications in face and body
  • Lipolami (Alban Muller): Natural ingredient that can be used to formulate silicone-free products and provides unique sensorial qualities.
  • Liposhield HEV Melanin (Lipo Chemicals, Inc.): An ingredient designed to to shield skin from high energy blue/violet visible light.
  • Matrixyl synthe’6 (Sederma): An anti-wrinkle, smoothing peptide.
  • Natriance antioxidizer, detoxifier and protector (ISP): Vegetable-derived ingredients that help rejuvenate, moisturize and protect skin.
  • Omegablue (Indena): A topical soothing agent for sensitive skin. Also can be used as a skin and hair
  • PhytoBrasil Fusions (Arch Personal Care): Botanical extracts for water repellency and actives
  • ProPhyDerm (IBR Ltd.): Ingredient that addresses dryness, redness, scaling, flaking, papules and
  • Proteolea (Rahn): Works to improve skin smoothness and hydration, and increase cell renewal, particularly in the eye area.
  • pTeroWhite (Sabinsa): Helps inhibit pro-inflammatory enzymes, support skin lightening and protect skin from UV
  • ReGeniStem Red Rice (Arch Personal Care/Lonza): Anti-aging active that restores cellular epigenetic patterns of old cells.
  • Regu-Fade (DSM): A skin-brightening ingredient.
  • Resistem (Sederma): Anti-aging ingredient that mimicks natural skin defense and aids tissue regeneration by preservation of skin stem cell character.
  • Rewopol SB C 55 (Evonik): Preservative- and sulfate-free sulfosuccinate for mild rinse-off
  • RonaCare Cyclopeptide 5 (EMD Chemicals, Inc. [Rona Cosmetic Bus. Unit], a division of Merck): Anti-aging ingredient with a targeted receptor design.
  • Sensomer CI-50 (Nalco, a division of Lubrizol): A conditioning polymer and rheology modifier for hair and skin care.
  • Skinergium Bio (Laboratoires Expanscience): Active to stimulate cellular renewal for reduced wrinkles.
  • SymFinity 1298 (Symrise): A natural active anti-aging substance that strengthens skin cells, and prevents age spots and uneven complexion.
  • Technology (The HallStar Company): Technology to photostabilize retinol, resveratrol and vitamin A.
  • Tego Carbomer 141 G (Evonik): Viscosity
  • Tego Pep 4-Even (Evonik): Tetrapeptide to balance skin tone.
  • Tegosof XC (Evonik): An emollient for improved superior solubility of UV filters and skin feel.
  • Tens’up (Provital Group, distributed in North America by Centerchem): A botanical active offering a lifting effect to diminish wrinkles.
  • Various (Kemin): A natural emulsifier derived from soybeans; three natural extracts from marigold, rosemary and spearmint; and a natural preservative derived from
  • Verisol (Gelita): A bioactive collagen peptide designed to increase skin moisture and prevent wrinkles.
  • Vitalayer (Silab): A natural multifunctional ingredient developed to improve skin homeostasis and imbalances in the skin.
  • Wonderlight (Sederma): An ingredient that addresses skin pigmentation irregularities and brightens the complexion.
  • Xilogel (Indena): A natural polysaccharide from tamarind that features anti-aging and hydrating properties.

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