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When Clean Isn't Enough

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: March 5, 2007
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There’s a hidden message tucked away in bath beads, scrubs and creams: everyone can be clean, scented and satisfied through a simple indulgence. Product names themselves often suggest the nature of the category: Lush Orchid from Banana Republic; Nubian Milk and Honey Silk Shower Crème from Shea Terra; and Ile de Tahiti’s wild crafted Tiare Flower. Are we in Bora Bora or Bergdorf’s?

Lush ingredients, exotic locales, tropical scents, wellness and efficacy drive the business. Understanding the composition and function of new products will greatly aid in the development of a successful business system to market and maximize both knowledge and application. With solid performance from bath foams and gels, oils and pearls, salts, powders, liquid soaps and more, the market is clearly alive with high-tech delivery options for moisturizing, exfoliating and waxing in assorted leave-on and rinse-off applications. The key is to make it work and make it last.

Hydrating and Protective Benefits
A supplier’s perspective reveals some of the key features found in bathing products and post-cleansing lotions and creams, where hydration and moisture retention are among the most desired benefits. Croda Inc. notes that, in addition to these attributes, minimization of irritation and skin smoothing and softening are also desired as consumers seek increasingly sophisticated skin care products. Croda, which provides ingredients for both rinse-off and leave-on systems, has unveiled its most recent launches for the category.

In the area of rinse-off systems, Croda offers Cromollient SCE, designed with mildness in mind. Cromollient SCE is said to mitigate the irritating effects of common surfactants, and, according to the company, is shown to reduce the irritation of commercial adult body wash, as well as the irritation of baby shampoo, which is already considered to be mild. The ingredient is suitable for a variety of personal cleansing products—including body washes, liquid soaps and leave-on applications.