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High Def, High Tech

By: Sara Mason
Posted: April 6, 2010, from the April 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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EMD’s RonaFlair Balance Colors are designed for invisible skin correction, their transparency and matte but intense color effects help create a natural complexion without any masklike results. “For products requiring a more matte look but not an ordinary flat appearance, the pigments are able to matte down the surface, with a little shine due to the base itself, without extraneous color,” said Phil Linz, EMD’s applications supervisor—cosmetic technologies.

The functional fillers are off-white powders based on small-sized mica and a proprietary coating technology using titanium dioxide and tin oxide. The pigment composition is purely inorganic (mineral-based) and, thanks to their small particle size, the skin feel is very smooth. “With the ability to mix and match for different results, the colors fill that niche for formulators in liquid and powder makeup, to offset skin imperfection through the use of color,” said Rebecca Vaiarelli, EMD marketing and sales specialist, cosmetic/candurin pigments. EMD plans to utilize them in the near future with its ethnic application kit. “They provide skin correction with minimal appearance when working with a large variety of skin types and colors for a fresh and natural look.”

Ronaflair Softshade, launched in late 2009, is a functional filler featuring a layer composition on natural mica, designed to help visually blur imperfections in the skin. So, depending on the effect sought after, this could be used along with the supplier’s Balance colors, according to Vaiarelli. The surface structure of RonaFlair Softshade is designed to scatter light in a way that creates a unique soft focus perception. The highly porous surface leads to increased oil absorption, which also supports a natural and clean complexion.

EMD has additional cosmetic pigment products to be launched around the New York Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists’ Suppliers’ Day in May as well.

Shimmer, Sparkle and Shine

Regardless of mainstream trends, there will always be a market for shimmer, sparkle and shine. Silver tones work well with today’s tinted metallic textural looks. The diversity of silver, from subtle hue shifts to dimensional metallic flake appearances, works with a variety of styles. Eckart expanded its Prestige and Mirage ranges in 2009, with a fine-grade Bright Silver, based on calcium sodium borosilicate platelets coated with titanium dioxide, representing the finest pigment grade of the Mirage product line so far. The Sparkling Luxury Gold, calcium sodium borosilicate coated with titanium dioxide and iron oxides, represents a new generation of gold effect pigments for cosmetics and personal care. The “real gold” effect, highly desired but out of reach for decades, was made possible due to the company’s proprietary technology leading to extremely smooth pigment surfaces, allowing optimized gloss and unique color purity. Sparkling Luxury Gold provides sparkle effects as well as coloring effects that can be used pure or in combination with other pigments to enhance color cosmetics for a luxurious look.