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Biomimetics: Beauty Ingredients That Mimic Bio Functions

By: Abby Penning
Posted: October 31, 2013, from the November 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.

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In marketing, it’s knowing enough about the products and their formulations to make your brand stand out. “Brands have to find short cuts—unique stories—that can give both a clear and understandable insight to the end consumer and create or facilitate an emotional bond between the end consumer and the brand and its products,” say Toumit and Gabriele. “Biomimetic products offer solutions for both of these ideas.”

Because, as Lefevre comments, “In terms of consumer perception, the notion of biomimetic is also very easy to understand and straightforward. It’s rational, simple and highly scientific, too.” The twofold attack of biomimetics—that they are efficacious and a novel combination of science and nature—offer a strong story for skin care, hair care, anti-aging and cosmeceutical products, and more. “As these biomimetic ingredients are delivering substantiated benefits and parallel consumer desires for more product efficacy, these will help to reinforce the brand and product promises of benefits while taking the end consumers’ quest for efficiency to the next level,” say Toumit and Gabriele.

What’s Next

Where will biomimetic beauty ingredients go next? Lefevre says, “I’m a strong believer in this kind of ingredients. This is the reason why we concentrate our research on the characterization of highly specific biological targets, to identify which biomimetic molecule could be developed to reverse aging processes by acting on these targets. Innovation cannot only come from the molecule itself: it must also come from the target on which the biomimetic will act.”

Additionally, he notes, “The notion of biomimetic [also] has been extended to other notions: biosimilars and bioequivalents. Biomimetics give the same results in terms of biological action than a natural molecule. Biosimilars are molecules that have a chemical structure very close to a natural molecule, and give identical results. Bioequivalents are molecules that have the same structure as a natural one, and give the same results.”

Perhaps biosimilars and bioequivalents are ingredients to look toward in the future of beauty product development. However, there is no question that biomimetic ingredients are helping bring a new dimension to beauty products today.

As Toumit and Gabriele say, “These biomimetic ingredients represent opportunities with upside potential, offering both story and functionality.”