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Regulatory Update: Regulation Time

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: January 8, 2007, from the January 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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CTFA recently implemented its Consumer Commitment Code, which the organization noted as a top priority, and a consumer information Web site. The code has been developed to provide assurance of safety and transparency for government regulators. The site was designed to be the “definitive place to go for consumers seeking information about the science behind cosmetic products and ingredients.”

The Consumer Commitment Code, which will reinforce existing company safety practices and introduce some new practices, will go beyond the requirements of the law and highlight the pro-active and responsible approach to product safety supported by cosmetic companies. According to CTFA, it highlights the industry’s commitment to the health and safety of consumers.

“Outreach and education on the code has been provided to our members through workshops and direct communication,” stated the association. “We are also talking individually with member companies to provide assistance or guidance. Outreach to companies who are not members of CTFA will continue in 2007 as the program is implemented.”

The Consumer Commitment Code will be posted on CTFA’s Web site along with names of companies that have signed on to the code. Both CTFA and individual companies that sign onto the code will, according to CTFA, take on the responsibility of educating consumers about the code.

CTFA will make the appropriate announcements upon the site’s launch, and the site itself will be optimized to ensure that consumers looking for ingredient safety information are able to easily find that information.