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Beauty, Wipes and Preservation

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: November 7, 2006, from the November 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Once confined to cleaning babies and hands, wipes now seem to be everywhere. The convenience and benefits easily translate across markets and product segments. In many ways, films parallel wipes. Though the “essential” film product on which other successes can be built remains to be found, consumers are not unfamiliar with film applications. A modest push may be all the technology needs for a product explosion.

“Consumer dissolvable film strips are becoming quite popular worldwide, starting with breath fresheners in the U.S.,” said Carlton J. Wong, national sales manager, Aicello North America, Inc.

Aicello, a manufacturer of film soaps with cast technology, partnered with P&PF, a manufacturer of high-end soaps, and began evaluation of cosmetic film soaps in 2002. Two years of trials demonstrated that the key functional aspect of film soap is to provide consistent and correct usage levels.

“Often, much more soap is used than is necessary to simply cleanse the face,” said Wong. “Women use, on average, 0.6 grams of transparent soap bars at a time. Average cleansing foam quantities are 2.0 grams, while liquid facial cleansers average 2.5 grams. Irritation is not caused by the soap formulation itself, but by quantity of use. Film soap was developed as a hypoallergenic facial wash to allow a constant and proper amount to be dispensed each time in a unit dose fashion. Controlled foaming with a small 0.3 gram sheet became possible with this soap form, therefore, allowing cleansing without irritation.”

Packaging does require special considerations.