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Stem Cells—A Widening Horizon

By: Aran Puri
Posted: October 5, 2009, from the October 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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And this caution, particularly in the case of stem cells, is well-founded. At the present time, the public has a very mixed perception of benefits and risks of stem cells. On the whole, it is very positive, and there is a growing segment of the public that clearly believes in the potential of stem cells toward providing serious therapeutic benefits. And even as ethical and safety concerns are expressed, there are very few who question the extraordinary potential of stem cell applications.

The key for commercial acceptance: responsible introduction of stem cell protection or proliferation technology by the beauty industry in tandem with unstoppable advances by medical science in this field. Exaggerated beauty benefit claims or over-promise for short-term gains will be counter productive and only help inflame any negative public opinion—so care needs to be taken as more widespread stem cell technologies, ingredients and products move closer to being brought to market.

Finally, one thing is certain in the mid- to long-term introduction of stem cell technology: Launches and advances will continue to generate great publicity. This will help to attract even greater public interest and funds to benefit medical and cosmeceutical research, and stem cell technology-based cosmeceuticals will grow to be a lasting, long-term trend.

Aran Puri, Phd is the president of Cosmeceutical Solutions, a global consultancy specializing in cosmeceuticals. Puri has 35 years of beauty industry experience in senior level R&D positions. He is a renowned for his pioneering work with naturals, peptides and in anhydrous cosmeceuticals.