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Beauty's Award Season Fail: Merchandising Execution in Pharmacy and Mass

What lessons can beauty care brands learn from snack foods and charcoal?

Dove Raises the Beauty Bar

Celebrating its Beauty Bar’s 60th anniversary, Dove encourages women to celebrate and redefine beauty by accepting their imperfections and posting with #RaisetheBeautyBar.

Super Surface Softening Serum

The Revitalizing Booster Serum softens the skin’s surface, allowing the serum to easily penetrate the skin and promote a natural moisture barrier to address aging concerns.

Prestige Fragrance Improves Overall Holiday 2016 Performance

Prestige fragrance sales were 16 percent higher the week before Christmas 2016 than the same week in 2015.

Pretty Purple Primer

The First Light Priming Filter is a purple primer that reduces a bad complexion by providing a fresh canvas for all-day makeup wear.

Come Vitamin “C” This Toner

The Natural Mist-On Toner and Vitamin Spray restores vitality to the skin.

L’Oréal Paris Brought Snapchat Spectacles to the Golden Globes Red Carpet

Viewers were given an up close and personal look at the makeup looks created for celebrities attending the Golden Globes, as if they were the ones applying the makeup.

L’Oréal Paris Embraces Diversity in New True Match Campaign

"By featuring a diverse blend of individuals and illustrating their individual skin stories, our new True Match campaign celebrates the power and beauty of feeling comfortable in your own skin."

IFSCC, Cosmetics and Surprises as Told By The General

In addition to emphasizing how SCC members are automatically part of the IFSCC, Mary Lynn Halland shared other insights and surprises she stumbled upon in her new role as Secretary General of IFSCC.

Patent Pick: Bacteria vs. Bacteria Clash Over Acne

In the acne battle, science has gotten smarter. It has gathered new intelligence on the enemy, and is directing covert operations to neutralize the source. In fact, this patent application arms rebel bacteria to do the "dirty work," on-site.

Beauty Increases During Walgreens' 2017 First Quarter

Stefano Pessina, executive vice chairman and CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance, said, “Overall we are pleased with the progress this quarter, with results in line with our expectations.

Part 1: Waft Sets Out to Master Online Fragrance Customization

Waft is an online fragrance company that specializes in creating and selling customizable fragrances by analyzing the favorite moods, scents and social activities of the customer.

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