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Natural & Organic: How Big is Big?

Consumer awareness, expansion of distribution channels, and the struggle for product differentiation are driving growth in this dynamic market segment, which is set to be valued at $46 billion by 2018.

What Does it Mean to Be “Well?”

The complicated relationship between young Hispanic women and wellness has implications for the beauty industry.

Inside Out: The Nutricosmetics Boom

Top formats include ready-to-drink (RTD) products, such as teas, fruit juices and fortified waters, tablets, capsules, jellies and pills.

Delivering Beauty Through Nutrition

An internal approach toward beauty regimens is creating new brand opportunities.

Stand Out With Private Label at the Spa

Building a customer base the fast and easy way.

From Diaper Rash to Tattoos: Dr. Bronner's Body & Lip Balm

Versatile products contain natural and organic ingredients, including beeswax, hemp and avocado.

The Beauty Startup Guide to Retail Survival

What to do as the costs to enter department and specialty retail stores rise.

How to Position a Natural Brand

Find your white space, define who you are, understand the challenges of sourcing truly natural ingredients and tell your story, authentically.

3 Ways Wellness and Beauty Are Changing

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has estimated the worldwide wellness market at greater than $3.4 trillion, of which beauty and anti-aging offerings account for $1.026 trillion. But what are the top trends driving growth?

INNARAH Leverages Elk Antler Beauty

VenoDefense is a line of skin care using bio-fermentation and a range of novel ingredients from fauna to marine flora.

L’Oréal Hair Research Moves Beyond Conventional Ethnic Groupings

More than 80% of the world's population has black to light brown hair, according to recent results, but that's not the whole story.

LeafLAB Develops Botanical-based Masks

Paper manufacturer creates biodegradable solutions for a range of applications, including wipes and patches.

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