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Celebrating Imperfection: Victoria Beckham's New Estee Lauder Collection

Based on the numerous Sold Out warnings on the brand's site, the introduction has been a success.

skinbetter Goes National

Available via physicians, the anti-aging brand has debuted two platforms.

Study Reveals Pathogen Resistance is Sexy

I love the the smell of a man who doesn't stink; who takes time to wash and apply deodorant. Apparently I'm not alone. In fact, according to a new study, pathogen-prevalent regions see increases in consumer grooming time to give an air of pathogen-resistance and attract mates.

Inside the Mind of the Bearded Man

Why he has it, what he does for it and what women think.

Hop on the Black Lip Reign Train

Don't be late and hop on board the Alice in Wonderland-inspired express with Lipstick Queen’s Black Lace Rabbit black lipstick.This product will take users down a road of nourishment and an increase in moisture levels in the lips.

Mom- and Baby-friendly Skin Care

Manufacturers of the Boppy pillow have broken into the skin care game.

This is What Normal Looks Like

"With 'What's Normal?' we are confronting the mental walls that encourage us to force-fit ourselves and others into falsely constructed beauty and 'good hair' ideals."

Artificial Racial Bias and Beauty

Can artificial intelligence be relied upon to neutrally judge age and beauty across races?

Legalize It: CannaSkin

Topical and transdermal cannabis products are the subject of a new skin care brand deal.

K-beauty Arrives at Walmart

Masque-ology is taking K-beauty into the mainstream.

Conscientious Beauty on the Go

Beauty and personal care products for adults, teens and tweens with busy lives.

A Hair Stylist That Fits in Your Pocket

Sephora has become a style consultant for all hair types.

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