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Top Drivers of the Global Cosmeceuticals Market Revealed

Anti-aging and other claims are driving innovation, while consumer fears of chemicals are creating overall demand.

New Beauty Box Delivers Products and Expert Advice to Your Door

Beyond Her Blush provides women with direct access to products and instructions from highly regarded stylists.

Is At-home Vaginal Rejuvenation Ready for the Beauty Aisle?

Joylux, is looking to drive LED technology into the female personal care device market for at-home vaginal rejuvenation. CEO Colette Courtion outlines her strategy, the brands origins and her ambition for the category.

Is This the Future of Nail Polish?

Consumers seeking to avoid solvents may have a new option, thanks to four new polymer-plasticizer combinations.

Mask Impurities, Clay on Securities

The Alitura Naturals Clay Mask leaves skin at its finest, utilizing key nutrients to minimize sun-spots and stimulate skin cell growth.

inMarket and Gloss Media Catch Women in "Errand Mode" at Salons

Gloss Media already operates a salon video network in 20,000 locations and will now leverage inMarkets 44.5 million monthly active users directly in-app.

How Korean Beauty Wins in China

Korean brands are dominating search and social platforms by leveraging social media logins, video content and mobile-optimized platforms.

Evonik Honored for Functional Innovations for Beauty

Two of Evoniks innovative technologies were chosen for the 2016 China Personal Care Cosmetics Innovation Award.

P&G Investment Signals Changes for Argentina's Beauty Market

Procter Gamble announced their investment in Argentina, which could turn out to pave the way for industry growth.

Sunscreen Spray Shields Skin From Sun

Protect skin from the sun with Ocean Potion Sport Wet Skin Tech SPF 50, a sunscreen spray, which can last for up to 80 minutes.

What's Your Beauty Sign?

YouCam Makeup and Beauty Circle have launched horoscope-inspired beauty looks for app users around the world.

Minimize Red Threads and Spider Veins

Avoid resembling Charlottes web! Dermelect Cosmeceuticals’ Vacial Spider Vein Treatment helps reduce the appearance of veins or broken capillaries.

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