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Clarisonic Introduces Sonic Foundation Brush

Clarisonic introduces the Sonic Foundation Brush that uses 18,000 micro-blends per minute in order to blend makeup into an airbrushed effect.

Harrods Opens Wellness Clinic

"We’ve been working on the project for some time now in response to the trend towards integrative beauty within the beauty and wellness industry."

Amazon and The Skin Cancer Foundation Partner To Raise Awareness

“When you consider the prevalence of this disease and how many people will see our messages, we know that lives will be saved."

Don’t be Shielded From This Beauty

The Beauty Shield Collection protects the skin from environmental aggressors while hydrating and protecting it from further damage.

Marvel at Mom’s New Brows

The Waterproof Wonder Woman, The Marvelous Mom and The Lovely Lady are three Mother’s Day kits that help cover gray hairs and provide beautiful brows.

Summer's Eve Launches 'Free From' Line

Simply Summer's Eve is comprised of a line of feminine products that are free from harsh chemicals and infused with botanical extracts.

[in-cosmetics Global] Color Makeup Trends, 2018 and Beyond

A view of the color innovation ahead from Merck and BASF; plus: multifunctional innovation from Seppic and Lamberti.

3 Critical Steps to Secure Retail Distribution for Beauty and Personal Care

Step into the room armed with everything that will make them say "yes."

Fytt: Juicing For Your Skin

A new skin care brand bridges the divide between skin health and general wellness.

goop 'Pops-In' Nordstrom This May/June

"This partnership with Nordstrom allows us to provide that experience on a heightened level of scale, touching new markets and shoppers in the process.”

Sweat Cosmetics’ Mineral Foundation

Sweat Cosmetics' mineral foundation provides high-performance coverage while repairing and protecting

CVS Urges the Importance of Skin Health in 'Long Live Skin' Campaign

"Taking good care of your skin is part of taking care of your health, so we're making it easier than ever for our shoppers to access the information and products they need, including those with greater skin health benefits."

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