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Among the trends highlighted were girl power, portability, sustainability, cooling, edibles, and the marriage of beauty and technology, among many others.

New Heights for Halal Cosmetics Market

A report from Research and Markets predicts the global halal cosmetics market to grow at a CAGR of 14.63% from 2017–2021.

Barney's New York Introduces a New Suite of Clean Beauty Brands

From brand values to ingredient transparency to wellness for both consumers and the environment, clean, ethical beauty brands and products are becoming an increasingly hot commodity with each passing day.

Amazon's Beauty Business Thrives Thanks to Young Consumers

The success of Amazon's booming beauty business could be due in part to its newly launched Prime Samples program and the fact that its mobile app is the 2nd most popular app among teens and millennials.

South Korea Aims for Cosmetic Expansion

The South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced that it will form a new council of ASEAN member countries by 2019, with the goal of establishing cosmetic industry regulations in the region so that South Korean companies can fare better in the ASEAN market.

How Shiseido Plans to Keep Up With the Fast-changing Beauty Market

Shiseido will launch a project called Cosmetic Press, available on its e-commerce site on March 20.

Marc Anthony True Professional Debuts 4 New Styling Cocktails

The cocktails come in a dual-chamber packaging system that was designed to blend two formulations for the Smoothing, Curls, Volume and Waves cocktails.

Why OMG Botanicals Decided to Sell on Amazon Instead of Sephora

OMG Products currently available on Amazon, include the Antioxidant Cleanser, Age-Defying Renewing Serum and Aromatherapy Spa Time Gift Set.

Luscious Cosmetics Debuts Vegan Creme Blush Collection

The collection features six matte shades, including Lust, a pale pink; Passion, a bold red; Obsession, a tawny rose; Romance, a pink fuchsia; Adoration, a mauve; and Infatuation, a peach.

Gender-neutral Beauty and Personal Care Products Gain Ground in 2018

From makeup specifically created for transgender consumers to skin serums the entire family can use, the beauty market is proving once again that product inclusivity is one of the utmost trends of 2018.

Dream Water Beauty Wants to Make Sure Consumers Get Their Beauty Sleep

The beauty shot contains five beauty nutrients, including biotin, hyaluronic acid, bamboo silica extract, choline bitartrate and Juvecol for hair, skin, nail and collagen support.

Bond No. 9 to Launch Spring Fling for Spring 2018

The fragrance is the sister scent to Bond No. 9's New York Fling and is said to be "an up-to-date floral-on-floral bouquet."

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