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The "Anti-Amazon" Approach to Prestige Beauty E-tail

New analysis from L2 details what FeelUnique did right in the United Kingdom.

Global vs Local: Why Do They Buy?

New Nielsen research shows that a brand's origin can be as important or more important to consumers than price, selection and quality.

Smooth Sailing with After-Shave Soothing Lotion

Ay mateys! Men: don't leave your skin looking irritated and rugged like a pirate. Say ahoy to Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced for Men After-Shave Soothing Lotion to calm razor burn.

Consumer Preferences are Mindset Over Matter

Reading the minds of consumers is the stuff dreams are made of, at least for brand marketers. One recent study from Indiana University and Stanford sought to do just that by examining how mindset affects product preferences.

Premium Beauty, United States and China Leading Beauty

New analysis from Euromonitor shows top categories in overall value and by growth.

Naked Innovation

The rise of the “no-makeup” makeup trend and what it means for product developers.

Natural Isn’t Enough

It’s time to start telling a compelling story to consumers to stand out from the crowd.

Natural & Organic: How Big is Big?

Consumer awareness, expansion of distribution channels, and the struggle for product differentiation are driving growth in this dynamic market segment, which is set to be valued at $46 billion by 2018.

What Does it Mean to Be “Well?”

The complicated relationship between young Hispanic women and wellness has implications for the beauty industry.

Inside Out: The Nutricosmetics Boom

Top formats include ready-to-drink (RTD) products, such as teas, fruit juices and fortified waters, tablets, capsules, jellies and pills.

Delivering Beauty Through Nutrition

An internal approach toward beauty regimens is creating new brand opportunities.

Stand Out With Private Label at the Spa

Building a customer base the fast and easy way.

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