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[video] Gal Gadot is Revlon's New Global Brand Ambassador

In her role as global brand ambassador, Gadot will help the cosmetic brand launch its new Live Boldly campaign.

Decorté Launches Exclusive Color Cosmetics at Selfridges London

"We admire the brand for its future-gazing approach to skincare and color innovation; making it an unmissable addition to our beauty hall."

US Beauty Mask Market Predicted to 'Grow Exponentially Through 2021'

The U.S. market represents about 3.5% of the global market while China, on the other hand, represents almost half of all global face mask buyers.

3 Things to Expect from Beauty in 2018

"With consumers at the helm of the ship, the brands and retailers who are adjusting to meet their needs will continue to experience growth in 2018."

Beauty Lovers Can Order NYX Makeup via Uber Eats on #MochiMonday

The Love You So Mochi Collection includes two eyeshadow palettes with ten shadows as well as two duo-chromatic highlighter palettes.

Riley Rose Wants to Change How Millennials and Gen Zers Shop for Beauty

Riley Rose co-founder, Linda Chang, spoke with Global Cosmetic Industry about the store, its target customers and the strategy behind a customer-centric shopping experience.

Inclusive Beauty

It’s bigger than Rihanna, it’s bigger than makeup and it’s breaking down demographic barriers, leading to a new age of all-embracing, personalized beauty.

Breakthroughs in Eco-friendly Masks

The increasingly popular category can be upgraded with on-trend natural ingredients, efficient formulas, and environmentally friendly base materials and packaging.

Prebiotic & Postbiotic Skin Care: A Rebalancing Act

Decoding the function and impacts on skin health could lead to new solutions for atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne and more.

The iPhone X, iOS 11 and the Future of Beauty

How the latest technological advances can fuel new experiences and brand opportunities.

Music to the Ears: Jeremy Scott and MAC Announce Collaboration

The collection is made up of three products: a boombox-shaped eyeshadow palette with 29 shades, a cassette-shaped lip palette and a CD-shaped face compact.

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