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Attention Shoppers: Make Bath and Body POP

Posted: March 5, 2007

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Product names, such as Cake Beauty’s Sweet Cheeks or It’s a Slice, can also be used to grab a consumer’s attention. For some brands, grabbing the consumer’s attention includes finding a niche and sticking with it. “(A brand needs to choose) a niche that is lasting, not based on some remote ingredient that people will lose interest in,” said Geary. Within online media, however, the traditional POP must be creatively and innovatively altered to appeal to the consumer who shops with a click.

Two-dimensional Display
Online consumers are looking for products that fit their needs—with the disadvantage of being unable to smell and feel them. The virtual world must work around the absence of such traditional selling points, and this puts pressure on the products’ ingredients and benefits to make them stand out from a crowd. Product selection in the online world can be easily double or triple that of a traditional retail environment.

“Making an item stand out—packaging obviously plays a key role here; but given the unique nature of the Internet store, packaging that pops isn’t of the same level of impact  as on a conventional store shelf,” said David Stephan, manager of beauty and spa for

Traditional POP displays do not exist virtually, but channel winners have learned to capitalize on the options that are available. “Online we can call attention to a particular product or brand on multiple pages as a featured item. This is our virtual version of the end of the aisle or point-of-purchase display. It gives the product premium exposure on multiple frequently navigated pages on the site,” said Stephan.

While the Internet can provide creative freedom, it is important to make sure that copy and imagery showcase the brand in the best light. “Our Internet site is the easiest of all in terms of POP. We simply take great photographs and write interesting, effective copy. That’s about all our visitors require to make an Internet purchase,” said Ludington. The brand also can tell its story in a more complete fashion here than in the traditional retail format. “Bringing the product and benefit story to life in a holistic, compelling, engaging and proprietary manner is the true differentiator,” said Grubow.