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Retail Display—Three Viewpoints That Matter in Today’s Economy

The original design for Estée Lauder provided a side-to-side sliding half tray for product underneath. The redesign houses more product because the drawer can be converted into a full-size tray that completely slides from side to side, revealing the next level below.

By: Andrew Freedman
Posted: June 22, 2010, from the July 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

Today’s environment of diminishing consumer dollars and the increasing clout of retail giants means that product managers and their respective marketing teams must reassess the needs of retailers and consumers—as well as their own. All have a different viewpoint on what they now deem important, yet all three carry equal weight in the equation to move more product at the point of purchase.

New Sensibilities in Display Advertising

Up until the recent recession, brand owners banked on healthy marketing increases of 5–7% per year, by conservative estimates. But those days are over. Brands must now work harder for scarcer consumer dollars, and some experts feel point-of-purchase (P-O-P) displays can best help this endeavor.

More than ever, the way to entice the customer is at the point of sale. Many forward-thinking companies and brand owners, including P&G, have their fingers on the pulse of the industry, and they reprioritized the way they sell. They cut from other marketing areas and funneled it into point of purchase.