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Fashion & Beauty at Mass

By: LaShada Allen, Asha Daniels, Corey Reese, Melanie St. Amour and Kadi Thompson
Posted: August 26, 2011

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When it comes to enticing consumers with visually disruptive merchandising in an environment that deliberately prolongs browse time, IKEA’s global strategy has made it an industry leader. Its one-way layout encourages customers to see the store in its entirety, which has helped the Swedish company earn more than €23 billion in 2010. Its merchandising strategy showcases product in various lifestyle concepts to appeal to as many customers as possible. This strategy is not only implemented in 300 stores across the globe, 712 million visitors/year visit the IKEA website and 197 million catalogues are published in 29 languages, all of which leverage this disruptive merchandising strategy.3

Creating a similar journey throughout a mass retailer, consumers can experience fashion and beauty in their natural habitat: together. By blurring the boundaries between beauty aisles, apparel departments and fitting rooms, mass retailers can provide curated assortments that make “getting the look” both convenient and fun. In today’s oversaturated and busy world, getting “in and out” is often times the consumer mindset; however, by creating an enticing experience where she can browse curated, trend right assortments, she saves time by no longer needing to make that extra trip to another retailer.

An in-and-out beauty and accessories aisle offers her items that tie into the color of the season or back to a fashion collection that is currently being sold by the retailer. Incorporating digital media in the aisle with runway shows and behind the scenes clips with makeup artists is an easy way to reinforce the link between fashion and beauty, promoting sales in both categories.

Creating seasonal stories within the apparel department entices her to make add-on purchases. A fixture highlighting “Summer Essentials” offers a curated assortment of swimsuits, sunhats and sarongs while also reminding her to buy sunscreen, sunless tanner and seasonal nail colors. By offering her a total look on one fixture, she is more likely to add impulse items to her basket and saves her time by not having to seek out multiple departments. Adding beauty samples and coupons onto the tags of apparel is also a way to encourage sampling and trial.

While fitting rooms at mass retailers are oftentimes uninspiring, consumers who try on clothes result in a 67% conversion rate compared to 10% for those who don’t.4 Knowing she may be in a hurry, express dressing rooms throughout the apparel department will entice her to quickly try on apparel, increasing the likelihood of purchase. While she’s in the dressing room, simple mirror decals highlighting the color of the season will remind her to pick up the latest beauty products on her way out.