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Fashion & Beauty at Mass

By: LaShada Allen, Asha Daniels, Corey Reese, Melanie St. Amour and Kadi Thompson
Posted: August 26, 2011

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By upgrading the experience in the main fitting room area, retailers can entice her to buy beauty and fashion. Creating a fun communal space and leveraging the digital media seen in the beauty and accessories aisle will encourage her to spend more time trying on clothes, driving conversion, transactions and average dollar per sale. Strategically placing impulse beauty towers around fitting room lines promotes impulse purchases and potentially captures new customers who may not have shopped the beauty aisles. Positioning a virtual vanity near the fitting room serves as an incremental beauty destination, giving vendors exposure that rivals the current beauty aisle endcaps. In lieu of testers, the vanity is outfitted with an iPad on which she can give herself a virtual makeover and then add corresponding shades to her basket.

According to an InsightExpress study, “Eighty-two percent of consumers already use mobile phones during their shopping trips, so it’s critical that retailers understand and embrace this new shopping behavior.”5 Incorporating QR technology and iPads inside of fitting rooms allows consumers to scan apparel and receive recommendations of fashion and beauty products that complete the look. Dragging pictures of the various items into a digital basket triggers a merchandise runner who collects the items to put aside at guest services for her to pick up.

By utilizing fixtures that showcase both fashion and beauty while also offering her curated assortments throughout the store will entice her to stay longer and spend more money at her mass retailer. This strategy answers the need of convenience and value of time, while also offering her an elevated shopping experience that will retain her in the long run.

Entertain Her In Store

Once the consumer is in the store, how do retailers keep her entertained and coming back for beauty and fashion? In many mass retailers beauty and fashion are often an afterthought. The consumer is in the store for their weekly shopping and beauty and fashion purchases are often an impulse. Another way to bring beauty and fashion together in mass is by making it an exclusive focus in mass. Taking a nod from events such as “Fashion’s Night Out” and exclusive registry events at stores such as Crate and Barrel, mass retailers can use existing store space and re-merchandise it to hold monthly events catered around fashion and beauty. A Fall 2010 “Fashion’s Night Out” event in Harlem, NY drove a 50% increase in foot traffic with 75% of customers purchasing product.6

A First Friday’s get the look event, would work perfectly in mass. Every first Friday of the month would feature the latest looks and beauty concepts displayed together in the existing fashion space. Featuring fun drinks and appetizers that are sold in the grocery department, these added touches give the consumer the event feel that is usually only available at an upscale department store. One stop shopping, with a complete look, curated for the consumer.